Your Baby’s Eye Sight

Ever Wondered What Your Baby Can See And How Their Eye Sight Changes In The First Few Months Of Life?

When your baby is born and for around the first few weeks your baby can see shapes, light and movement, however anything more than 20-30cm away is a blur. When your baby is lying in your arms feeding (breast or bottle) they can see your face and they are fascinated by faces. 

They can only really sees shades of grey at the moment as their brains can’t differentiate between colours at this age.

It is very normal for their eyes to wonder in different directions and for them to go cross-eyed. They are practising co-ordinating their eyes together. 

Try placing black and white contrast cards with shapes and patterns close to the side of their change table or the inside of their buggy where they’ll be able to see them and watch them become transfixed and calmed by looking at them.

By one to two months your baby will start to focus both eyes on objects that are close by and they will be able to track objects moving from left to right or vice versa. It is still very normal for their eyes to wonder in different directions. By now your baby is starting to identify some colours such as red, orange, yellow and green as long as they are strong and bright, it will take a while longer for them to be able to see more pastel type tones of colour. Looking at board books with simple colourful pictures and shapes is a nice activity to do with your baby.

When your baby reaches three to four months old their vision is starting to get sharper and they maybe able to shift focus from one object to another without moving their head. At this age they will start to reach for things but probably won’t be able to grab them just yet.

Your baby can identify even more colours now and will enjoy looking at detailed designs on books, toys and objects that are close by.

By five to six months your baby’s depth perception is improving everyday. They will now most likely be able to reach and grab things within arms reach and will probably try and get it straight to their mouth for a good chew, this will help develop their hand-eye coordination which is also improving everyday.

At this age your babies eye sight is almost as good as an adults with no sight impairments.

All caucasian babies are born with blue eyes as they have less melanin present. However as baby grows more melanin may be produced which will mean babies eyes may change colour. African, Asian and Hispanic babies are generally born with brown eyes as they have more melanin present in their eyes and skin, their eyes are less likely to change colour but still may. Babies eyes usually change between 6-12months but babies eye’s may not change colour until around their second birthday. 

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