Safe Sleep in Summer

Most of us love summer and the warmer weather that it brings, however it can make our houses and flats extremely warm even through the night. The research shows that the safest temperature for babies to sleep in is between 16-20C. In the UK very few of us have air con to control the temperature of our houses in summer which makes keeping the temperature down quite tricky. Below I’ve listed a few suggestions for some ways to keep bedrooms cooler and the right clothes and sleeping bags/blankets for different temperatures.

Room Thermometer

It is handy to have a room thermometer to keep an eye on how hot or cold your baby’s room is. Most baby monitors do have built in thermometers but in my experience these aren’t very accurate. The Gro Egg is a good option.

Checking Your Baby

It is important to also check your baby regularly to see if they are too hot. The best places to check are their tummy or the back of their neck. If they are hot or sweaty it’s best to remove one layer of bedding or clothing. It is natural for their hands and feet to feel cooler so this is why we don’t check these.

Doors And Windows

Open the bedroom door and any windows if safe to do so. Try and keep the blinds closed during the day if the sun shines directly into their room.

Using A Fan

Use a fan in the room but don’t direct it onto your baby. Placing a frozen bottle of water in front of the fan will help cool the air a little.

Bath Time

A lukewarm bath before bed can help cool them down and make them comfortable ready to sleep.

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