Sophie is a very engaging teacher and it barely felt like training- although I learnt so much! I feel much more confident in my knowledge and ability to perform first aid now.

Hannah, Hammersmith

Amazing experience and very welcoming. An excellent course delivered by a wonderful teacher.

Jess, Putney

Me and Isaac really enjoyed the baby massage course over zoom during lockdown. Clear and concise class and excellent leaflets to continue our massage at home. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Lauren, Cardiff

Sleep has been a sore subject in our household. We were recommended to speak to Sophie to see if she could help. I spoke to Sophie on Tuesday and spoke through what’s been happening. Sophie was very friendly and totally got it! Sophie kindly put a plan together for us and we had a more in depth conversation about the plan and how to move forward. What I really liked about Sophie is that she didn’t force the “cry it out” method. Her approach is very soft and totally suitable for our son. If you are looking for help or support with sleep, Sophie is your lady!

Sophie, Somerset

Such an informative and helpful first aid course. Sophie made sure that we both clearly understood all the emergency topics, and explained everything in great detail. At the end of the course I felt confident that I could cope in an emergency situation. 

Daisy, Wandsworth

Sophie helped tremendously with my baby boy’s sleep regression. She came to the rescue when I was starting to lose hope that he would ever nap in his cot again. Providing me with plenty of support, both on the technique and emotionally. I am extremely grateful to Sophie for helping my son to enjoy nap time again.

Jenny, Earlsfield

We recently completed Sophie’s first aid course as a refresher before our second child is born. Everyone on the course agreed that it was the most comprehensive informative course any of us had been on.
Sophie was extremely knowledgeable and delivered the course in a manner accessible to all levels.
I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone wanting to learn about first aid or refresh existing knowledge.
We will definitely be booking again.

Aimee, Chelsea

Sophie gave me invaluable guidance on weaning. I was overwhelmed by all the confusing and conflicting advice out there, but she distilled it into concise and practical advice. She made me feel confident and ready to get started.

Jenny, Earlsfield

We had been travelling and moving house. Sleep just wasn’t happening for us and I was looking for some support. I was introduced to Sophie and slowly life started to return to normal. She listened and seemed to understand my worries from the get-go. Her gentle, kind advice left me feeling relaxed and more sure of myself. 

Kirstie, Clapham